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The best way to describe this fic is "Michelangelo got high on cocaine and shrooms--simultaneously--then time-traveled into the future, still stoned out of his mind, where some fool showed him Star Wars and Harry Potter and got him even more high on synthetic chemicals unavailable in his own time. The Eye of Argon may or may not have been involved. The resulting combination caused his head to explode, and the disembodied brain matter coagulated into a consciousness that then possessed the Internet. The Internet being the Internet, the consciousness lost what coherence it had left and wrote the fanfiction."

--Eclectus, describing a bleepfic

NSFB means Not Safe For the Brain. It refers to any fic that makes a negative amount of sense. Sometimes rendered Not Brainsafe or NBS. It is akin to NSFW, and they sometimes overlap.

All Legendary Badfic and bleepfic, and a good deal of badfic, is considered NSFB. Therefore, one must take extreme caution to avoid reading it (unless of course one is a masochist or a PPC agent on a dare).

Any link that leads directly to something that is NSFB should be marked to avoid unnecessary squick.

NSFB fic can cause insanity and high Bleeprin consumption in agents who have the misfortune of being assigned to such "masterpieces".

Traits common to NSFB fics:[]