The Musictionary is a hand-held device that aids agents in identifying songs when they pop up inappropriately in a Suefic or songfic. It may be particularly helpful for agents who don't come from modern Earth, but considering most Sues' horrible taste in music, even the modern agent might benefit from keeping a Musictionary handy if they've been lucky enough to avoid the likes of Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, and One Direction.

It was most likely invented by Spoofmaster.

Description Edit

The device consists of a medium-sized black blob with a long rod sticking out of the top right. When the rod is aimed at a singing Sue, the Musictionary tells you what the song is, where it is from, and how out of tune it is. It plays a rendition of said song for you while spitting out a lot of lime ticker-tape. The Musicionary works even if the song is only included as a passing mention.[1]

Example readout:

  • "'Send [H]er My Love', by Journey," said the device. "Rhythm and tune retained, parts of rhyme scheme and intelligibility lost." It whirred and clicked for a moment before launching into its own rendition of the song. Lime ticker tape issued from the thing.[2]

Use in Missions Edit

References Edit

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  2. "Send Him My Love" by Spoofmaster, Jun 13, 2006
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