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The Musée des Univers Perdus ("Museum of Lost Universes") is a museum and bookstore specializing in works from lost civilizations, such as Ancient Rome or Gallifrey. The Musée is located in a plaza[1] in New Caledonia.[2]

The building has a very impressive exterior, and yet the inside is even larger, with a high enough ceiling to have its own weather systems on occasion; the precise means with which this was accomplished are a source of debate among the PPC. Its floors are marble, and it has a ceiling of glass.[3] Statues of famous librarians from across the Multiverse can be found dotted around the museum, and the walls of the central hall are inscribed in gold with the names of librarians who have fallen in the line of duty.[4]

Known Staff[]

  • Doctor Cornelius is the head curator of the Musée. An old man with a walking stick, he was the sixteenth agent to join the PPC, and was apparently famous during his prime years; he tends to take any excuse to remind people of his past exploits. He has a somewhat gruff, old-fashioned demeanour, with a tendency to grumble about how he's now stuck behind a desk, and often has difficulty telling people's genders, but is fairly reasonable when it comes to running his library.[3]
  • Lorelei is Dr. Cornelius' assistant; despite his repeated assertions, she is indeed female. She tends to walk the line between making allowances for his behaviour and calling him on it.[3]

Known Collections[]

  • Works from the Roman Empire (Real World).[2]
  • Folktales from Sernpidal (Star Wars Legends).[2]
  • The Lost Road trilogy, J.R.R. Tolkien (Middle-earth).[1]
  • Epic fantasies/historical epics from Narnia (The Chronicles of Narnia),[1] including tales of the Telmarine pirates.[5]
  • Dialogues from the Library of Ephebe (Discworld).[4]
  • Fictional and mythical texts from the Jedi Archives on Coruscant (Star Wars, Disneyverse).
    • These are housed in the second west-southwest wing. The door is flanked by statues of Jedi Master Jocasta Nu and the guardian-droid Cator.[4]
  • A sub-wing for different versions of Atlantis, including J.R.R. Tolkien's Atalantë & Doctor Who's Atlantis.[5]

Removed Collections[]