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Mr. Rogers in one of his iconic cardigans.

Fred McFeely Rogers, better known as Mr. Rogers, was the popular host of the children's show Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, which ran for over thirty years in the United States of World One's Earth. He died of cancer in 2003, to the dismay of many.

Mr. Rogers' legacy is that of his personality, which most people know from his TV career but which was also his genuine personality outside of the studio. He acted as a reassuring friend, a helpful neighbor, and a shoulder for Cold War-era kids to cry on. Despite this, he never pulled punches, using his show to help kids deal with difficult topics like separation and death in addition to comforting common childhood fears (for example, he once reassured viewers that being afraid of getting sucked down the drain in the tub is quite silly, explaining that you wouldn't fit). He advocated channeling anger and destructive energy into creative areas, in particular music.

Mr. Rogers was also one of the largest advocates of public television and its benefits, and supported it vocally; in 1969, he defended the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in the U.S. Senate, to great effect.

Despite his appearance as a very polite gentleman, pop culture and urban myths try to perpetuate rumors that Mr. Rogers is quite deadly or foul. These are occasionally funny, but mostly just stupid.

Mr. Rogers and the PPC Edit

In the PPC, he is probably best known in connection to Agent Len, who notoriously went crazy and ran through the halls screaming "Mr. Rogers! Mr. Rogers!" while wielding a flamethrower. There have also been those who claim to have spotted Mr. Rogers' ghost in various parts of the Department of Fictional Psychology; those who have report that instead of the usual feelings of dread or terror associated with paranormal sightings, they found themselves feeling unexpectedly calm and safe.

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