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Moses Rhoan Taggson is the son of a Mary Sue known as Streamflower (of That Series) and the Taggerung Deyna. He was intended to die at birth along with his mother, but Nin Brandt and Luxury managed to bring them to Doctor Fitzgerald in time to save him and he was adopted into HQ. Agents Stormsong and Skyfire are currently caring for him and Molly Rath (Sawney Rath's illegitimate child from the same fic).

His mother dubbed him "Taflor," ostensibly after herself and Tagg, but the agents refused to let him keep this name. Agents Laburnum and Foxglove suggested "Moses" as the perfect name for an orphaned otter. Agent Stormsong wanted to name him after his favourite song, the Lay of Rhoan, but this was vetoed as a first name on the grounds that it is cruel to name a child after a tragic ballad.

Moses doesn't currently have much of a character, being only a few days old. He is responding to the Logicillin course well, although he's still as impossibly cute as one would expect Sue-offspring to be.