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Agent Morgan is one of the PPC's longest-serving Time Lord agents. Currently without a partner, she works in the Department of Mary Sues, and was the founder of the Continuity Council of Gallifrey-in-Exile. She is written by Huinesoron.

Agent Profile[]


Morgan is a Time Lord from Gallifrey. This gives her a somewhat different metabolism to human agents, including two hearts. She has the ability to regenerate while dying, transforming into a whole new person: new body, new personality, new lease on life. To date, she has had three known forms; she is known to have regenerated at least twice before joining the PPC,[1] but refuses to admit this to fellow Time Lords.[2] In the absence of any information about her Gallifreyan lives, her PPC incarnations are usually numbered one through three.

Morgan's Time Lord nature may be the reason she can navigate HQ with relative ease.[3] It is certainly the reason she can receive mental messages and warnings from her TARDIS,[4] which brought her to HQ from Gallifrey.[5] The fact that everyone thinks she got it during the Macrovirus Epidemic is a constant source of complaint.[6]

Morgan's first[7] and third[2] incarnations tended to use guns as their weapons of choice; her third self often expressed a liking for them,[2] while her first was both confident in her shooting abilities[7] and notoriously inept with hand-to-hand weapons.[8]

The nature of Doctor Who has left Morgan with something of a reverse amnesia problem: as new details of Gallifrey's history are revealed on the show, they retroactively insert themselves into her memory.[9] The Last Great Time War, and the fall of Gallifrey, have a firm place in her personal history; the only problem is that they didn't until 2005.


Morgan I[]

Morgan's first known form was tall,[7][10] though prior to 2002 people tended not to notice this fact in light of her taller Klingon partner.[11][12] She was blonde,[10] and in fact most closely resembled fellow Time Lord Romana II,[13] though she seems to have varied her hairstyle more than Romana.[14]

Morgan II[]

Morgan II was still blonde, with brown eyes and what Traf Elosia described as 'perfect' teeth.[1] Her hair was somewhat longer than it had been immediately before her regeneration,[1] but her most prominent feature was her cleavage.[1][15]

Morgan III[]

Morgan's current incarnation is short, with cropped black hair.[6] She is known to change her outfit depending on the time period she is visiting,[16] and considers herself, somewhat jokingly, to have an 'amazing sense of style'.[17]


Morgan I[]

Morgan I had a rather dry sense of humour,[12] which coupled with her sometimes abrupt manner[11] made her rather difficult to get to know. She had something of a heroic streak, often stepping in to rescue Traf Elosia[10][18] or simply to protect others.[19]

In this incarnation, Morgan kept her Time Lord nature a secret: she denied all knowledge of her disguised TARDIS,[10] and kept it hidden in the Lobby rather than near her Response Centre.[18] Only Traf Elosia[18] and the Flowers[5] knew of its existence and her species, and Morgan seems to have believed that there were no other Time Lords in HQ.[1] Ultimately, during her regeneration, she gave Traf implicit permission to reveal her secret.[1]

Morgan II[]

Very little is known of Morgan's second incarnation: she lived only two years in HST, from 2006[1] to 2008,[20] and has no recorded on-screen adventures. She is known to have loved clothes shopping, much to her own surprise,[1] and was later described by her successor as 'a bit of a ditz',[15] though fun to be.[15] She was quite fond of tea.[21]

Morgan II's heroic impulses appear to have transferred themselves outside HQ: she had her TARDIS looking for anomalies on World One, and travelled out to deal with the Limpley Stoke Anomaly a month before her regeneration.[22] These tendencies would reach their full expression in her next incarnation.

Morgan III[]

Morgan's current incarnation most frequently describes herself as 'a maudlin drunk'[23] and as someone who 'doesn't do scared'.[2][22] Events have shown that this last assertion is something of a lie,[2] but that she does have a capacity for stern, decisive action when necessary.[24] She also possesses a strong sentimental streak, as exemplified by her reminiscences of her past companions,[15] and her forgiveness of the Doctor for his destruction of Gallifrey.[2]

The original Continuity Council of Gallifrey-in-Exile

Morgan III is driven by the conviction that it is the Time Lords' proper role to protect the peoples of the Multiverse, in particular from Gallifrey's own mistakes. She has taken multiple[22] trips[16] away[25] from HQ in her efforts to prevent the people of World One from being harmed by Gallifreyan technology, and was the driving force behind the establishment of the Continuity Council of Gallifrey-in-Exile.[17]

She forms close relationships with others, taking extended trips in her TARDIS with companions[16] and mourning her dead.[15][23]

She also doesn't like tea,[21] though she will occasionally drink it for the sole purpose of making herself grumpy.[26]

Agent History[]

Before the PPC[]

Morgan began her life in the Gallifreyan city of Arcadia, where she lived with her parents.[9] One of her most treasured memories from her childhood is of an old house out in the Gallifreyan wilderness, where she was occasionally taken to see 'how things used to be'.[9] She twice encountered the Doctor, both times in his fourth incarnation. Their first encounter was while she was still a child; her pet Rovie (a sort of Gallifreyan mouse) wandered onto the Doctor's TARDIS.[27] In their second encounter, she was older, though still described by the Doctor as 'little more than a Time Tot'.[2] Considering the Doctor's known timeline, these encounters may have taken place during "The Deadly Assassin" and "The Invasion of Time," respectively. They left Morgan with something of a hero complex regarding the Doctor.[3]

Morgan went through and graduated from the Time Lord Academy,[27] but despite having high prospects on Gallifrey,[15] she abandoned everything and, in the words of her third incarnation, 'start[ed] running'.[15] Her TARDIS ended up in PPC HQ, in what the Sunflower Official later described as a 'security breach',[5] and Morgan joined the Department of Mary Sues[11] in 1991 HST.

Initially, she remained in contact with her family, and travelled back to Gallifrey on rare[9] occasions. She was with her parents in Arcadia at the resurrection of Rassilon and his proclamation (described by her as unanimous)[9] as Lord President, and it was Rassilon's 'insane plans'[9] that finally made her sever her ties with her homeworld and return to HQ.

Early Days[]

Morgan's first known partner was a Klingon, name unknown, with who she worked from at least 1994[11] to 2002.[18] It can be assumed that this partnership began when Morgan joined the PPC in 1991. Among their exploits, they recruited Ontic Laison from her home universe,[11] and helped Nyx Nightingale return to HQ during the Reorganisation.[12]

Morgan seems to have been unaware of the other Time Lords in HQ, and tried to keep her species a secret: she referred to it only cryptically,[5] and kept her TARDIS parked some distance from her Response Centre.[18]

Morgan has two recorded interactions with canon worlds other than her own in this period: a mission in Star Trek in 1999,[12] and an incident where she was seen sneaking Captain Kirk into Medical in 2002.[28] This, coupled with her partnership with a Klingon and general preference for high-tech weapons over melee,[8] suggests she might have been a member of the Star Trek Division of the DMS, serving under the Hippie Sequoia. If this is the case, she has since expanded her interests: her second partner served primarily in fantasy verses before her transfer,[10][29] and Morgan is known to have a future mission into Labyrinth.[6]

Early in her career with the PPC, Morgan struck up a friendship with a Spy named Traf Elosia,[10] who she rescued on numerous occasions.[18] In 2002, Traf transferred from the DoI to the DMS, becoming Morgan's partner.[18] It may have been at this point that Morgan revealed her species, and the existence of her TARDIS (which she had previously kept hidden)[10] to Traf.[18] Morgan's relationship with Traf was very close; one of her great regrets in later life was that she never had the chance to take Traf out into the universe in her TARDIS.[15]

Crashing Down[]

In 2006, the Black Cats invaded PPC HQ. Through her telepathic link with her TARDIS, Morgan received a warning that the invasion was underway,[4] and set out with her partner to find out more.[18] The pair encountered (and were nearly attacked by) Vemi Fincaran and Penny Smith, and joined with them to bring the invasion to the attention of the Sunflower Official.[7]

Morgan and company were with the SO to witness Nyx Nightingale's unexpected return to HQ,[5] and agreed to follow her lead in taking the fight to the Black Cats.[3] The plan was for Morgan's group to gather an army to drive the Cats from DIA Central,[3] but a combination of events derailed that plan: the Cats launched an attack into HQ,[30] the Cats' [[::Category:Scout Division|Scout Division]] abandoned the Bracket Fungus, and Morgan and company got lost in HQ.[8]

Morgan's army encountered the Scout Division; unaware of their defection, Morgan gave chase,[8] and Traf brought the rest of the army along.[8] In a pitched battle in the Cafeteria, Morgan duelled Durran Mkellin hand-to-hand, but her lack of skill with bladed weapons betrayed her, and she was stabbed in the chest.[19]

Traf killed Mkellin, ending the Black Cat threat,[19] and watched as Morgan regenerated into her second incarnation.[1] Morgan's secret was out.

The Ditz[]

Morgan's second incarnation claimed only a short time after her regeneration that she was becoming somewhat uncertain about her future in the PPC.[1] She programmed her TARDIS to collect information about space-time incidents in World One,[22] and travelled on at least one occasion to fix a problem. The incident involved the Avon Rift sealing off an entire village,[22] and Morgan's attempts to free the village left her temporarily stranded on an alien planet.[22]

Ultimately, Morgan II only lasted for two years. A month[22] after her adventures in World One, her TARDIS landed in HQ following another trip, and Morgan was killed during the Macrovirus Epidemic.[20]

The Drunk[]

Morgan's body was placed in the makeshift morgue in the DoDAEG, where she lay for some time.[20] After the infestation had been cleared, she regenerated into a new incarnation, and worked alongside Building Maintenance to fight against the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion.[20] The cause of her delayed regeneration is unknown, but presumably stems from the mechanics of macrovirus infection.

Later in 2008, Morgan returned to World One, where she sealed the Avon Rift for good.[22] The following year, tragedy struck: Morgan's partner Traf, who had recently given birth to a son, Ether, died.[31] Morgan was distraught,[15] and refused to take a new partner. She programmed her TARDIS to actively seek for incidents in World One,[16] and spent more and more time away from HQ.

In 2012, Morgan accidentally triggered the closure of the DIO by posting a message to the PPC Board.[23] Later, drunk and drugged[32] by the Ghost in the Machine, she came within a breath of being assassinated by the also-drugged Nita Kerys,[23] but pretty much shrugged it off.[33] The DIA intended to neuralyse Morgan and the other witnesses to no longer remember this event,[23] but apparently failed to do so.[2]


In 2013, Morgan took her TARDIS out of HQ and went on a tour of World One, ensuring that no Whoniverse technology had ended up there.[16] During her travels, she rescued Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan from their crashing plane,[16] and spent a couple of subjective years travelling the universe with them.[16] Among their adventures, they may have travelled through Montana,[34] and unmasked a UK politician as an alien.[25]

Morgan (centre) with companions

Ultimately, Amelia remained out in the Andromeda galaxy,[16] and Fred returned to Earth 'within... about twenty years of his departure'[16] to try and reunite with his wife Mary.[15]

Time Lords[]

In 2013, Morgan was heavily involved in the Blackout.[2] Her incautious use of firearms inadvertently destroyed the containment field keeping Slorp from rampaging through HQ,[2] but she made up for it by fighting alongside the Doctor and other agents to eliminate the threat.

Morgan was rather antagonistic towards the Eleventh Doctor,[2] but in the aftermath of the emergency, she was able to forgive him for the destruction of Gallifrey (though only admitted this because he was about to be neuralysed).[2] She also brought the other Time Lords of HQ to meet him.[27]

Tigereye Castellan Morgan

At the end of 2013, Morgan's life history was altered by the revelations of the Doctor Who Fiftieth Anniversary.[9] The retconning of her memory prompted[17] her to contact HQ's other Time Lords early in 2014 and propose the formation of a Continuity Council of Gallifrey-in-Exile.[17]

Six other Time Lords – the Fisherman, the Reader, the Librarian, the Disentangler, the Agent, and the Notary – joined the Continuity Council,[17] taking colour-coded positions named for various gemstones.[17] Morgan herself assumed the role of Tigereye Castellan, responsible for 'the security and personal safety of the Continuity Council'.[17] During their first (and only recorded) meeting, the Continuity Council prevented their own members from attempting to take over the PPC, confronted Fearn's attempt to create a Dalek Council, untangled a temporal fold, and fought off an invasion of HQ by Suvian Daleks.[24] Over the course of these events, Morgan grew to respect her fellow Time Lord agents, including (somewhat reluctantly) the Notary.[24]

One of the first acts of the Continuity Council was to respond to the restoration of Gallifrey during the Doctor Who Fiftieth Anniversary episode. Visiting the Musée des Univers Perdus, the Council took possession of all Gallifreyan literature, successfully convincing the head curator that, with Gallifrey no longer destroyed, the universes centred on it were not, in fact, lost.[35]

The events of the Ispace Wars, and the disruption of the multiverse during that time period, led the Continuity Council to contemplate radical action to protect the multiverse. In the original version of the timeline, Morgan accepted the Notary's proposal that they take direct action; this led to her getting elected as Lady President of Gallifrey, and declaring war first on the PPC, and then on the entire multiverse.[36]

Following Lady President Morgan's victory, a small resistance led by the Disentangler tried to retcon the timeline. They were ultimately unsuccessful, being captured by Morgan, but at the last minute the Doctor appeared and saved the day. The timeline was redacted, with no-one except Morgan remembering it; in the second iteration, she emphatically vetoed the Notary's suggestion.[36]

Morgan's three roles, in dress rehearsal

Later in 2014, Morgan joined the PPC's theatre group, A Troupe By Any Other Name.[37] She played three roles in their production of Julius Caesar, set on Gallifrey: Caesar himself (inspired by Rassilon), Pindarus, and Strato.[37] Excerpts from the dress rehearsal suggest that she initially struggled to stick to the script,[38] but ultimately gave up and joined in the general misbehaviour.[39]

Due to a malfunction in the Notary's TARDIS, the Continuity Council at one point found themselves in an alternate multiverse where the PPC appeared to be made up of Time Lords.[26] They made at least one return visit, apparently for the tea.[26]

The Future[]

In 2020, Morgan is expected to accidentally travel back in HQ's timeline in her TARDIS and rescue Tango Dioxide from an irate mob.[6] Four years later, she and her TARDIS will leave the PPC, saying she 'felt something coming'.[40]


Note: all dates are given in HQ Standard Time.


  • Morgan first arrives in PPC HQ,[16] in what the Sunflower Official later described as a 'security breach'.[5] She is partnered with a thus-far unnamed Klingon.












The Future[]

Alternate Universes[]

Morgan has made appearances in a number of AUs and alternate timelines of the PPC. Known appearances are listed below, though presumably she is present in most, if not all, timelines.

Alternate Timelines[]

Alternate timelines are those universes which share a common origin with the PPC prime timeline, but differ due to the events of a specific point of divergence.


In the Arthurverse, the Mysterious Somebody was never removed from power. In 2003, Morgan receives a message from her TARDIS, warning her that events are coming to a head.[41]

Folded Time[]

During the existence of the temporal fold during "Continuity Council: Gallifrey Bickers" numerous short-lived timelines were created. Versions of Morgan experiences most or all of these.[42]


Shortly after "Gallifrey Bickers", an uncanonical romantic encounter between Morgan and the Notary takes place.[43]

Lady President Morgan[]

During the Ispace Wars, the Continuity Council discussed radical measures to protect the multiverse. In a closed timeline, Morgan took the Notary's side and got herself elected Lady President of Gallifrey. With the power of the Time Lords, she took over PPC HQ, and then the entire multiverse, only to ultimately be retconned out of existence by the Doctor.[36]

Alternate Multiverses[]

Alternate multiverses are those versions of the PPC which seem to share no common origin; they have fundamental differences which go back to their very founding. The nature of these universes, and their attendant canon multiverses, is the subject of Multiverse Theory; the most recent theory claims that there are a total of twenty multiverses,[44] though it may well be wrong.


The Transfictional Canonical Defence Authority multiverse is the 'Steampunk AU' of the PPC. Morgan exists as Morgause, a Time Lord analogue.[45]

Morgause of the TCDA

Her TARDIS, possibly under another name, consists of a blue cube a foot across,[46] which unfolds into a suit of armour.[45] It is, needless to say, bigger on the inside.[46] Morgause is married to Salamander, and has to spend a lot of time keeping Lady Kay from abducting him.[45]

PPC Badfic[]

Morgan has appeared several times in PPC badfic. Since 2004, this does not impinge on the PPC itself; however, it does not generally constitute a separate timeline or multiverse.

Game of Romes[]

Morgan is one of many contestants who try to charge Vulturius Ceasar in the Hunger Games/Ancient Rome/PPC story, Game of Romes.

The Mysterious Somebody Makes A Very Bad Day[]

Due to the Fern telling the Sunflower Official that 'coming back from the dead is highly illegal', the SO promptly fired Morgan for regenerating in the second chapter of The Mysterious Somebody Makes A Very Bad Day.


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