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Monty Biggins is a long serving member of the Department of Floaters and the Department of Personnel, where he worked as an agent trainer. He is currently listed as retired as of 2013. He is written by Meta.

Agent Profile[]


Monty's physical form was loosely (very loosely) based on that of Montgomery Scott of the USS Enterprise during the five-year mission. He was described as being 'average appearance' in the badfic of his birth. Since that time his hair has grown a little and greyed considerably, he has also grown a beard.


Monty is a calm and world weary individual. Having been rescued from a badfic himself he has a soft spot for his fellow 'rescued' agents, and when on assignment will choose rescue over kill whenever possible.

Agent History[]

Monty was the creation of a Suethor as a character replacement for Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott of the USS Enterprise, as well as the Sue's cousin. After being established at the beginning of the fic, he was then mostly forgotten about until he needed to attend his cousin's wedding to Captain Kirk and the Sue, named Perfection Biggins. When a trio of agents from the PPC eliminated Perfection, they took pity on Monty, rescuing him and putting him to work in the PPC, where he eventually wound up in the Department of Mary Sues.

Having been working for the DMS for only a year, in 1988 Monty and his partners rescued another character replacement named Willow, a warrior maiden from the Thundercats continuum. Willow occasionally helped Monty's agent trio, the pair of them beginning a relationship before eventually getting married on Christmas Day of 1988 HST. By 1989 the pair of them were living in Response Center 17 with their new daughter Rebecca, Willow mostly retiring from service to look after the baby allowing Monty to continue missions with his partners.

Following the madness of 1992, Willow was reinstated and she and Monty worked as an agent pair, while his former partner Arthur was transferred elsewhere, this remained the case all the way through until 1999, when Willow was accused of theft by the DIS and was arrested. Monty came close to retiring from service, but was bought back by the Cybertronian agent Arthur to help in the fight against the DIS, during which Willow is listed as KIA.

Monty and Arthur continued to partner for the next ten years, working out of the Department of Floaters before Monty finally decides to step back from active missions and transfers to the Department of Personnel, acting as an agent trainer.

He oversees the class of 2011, graduating out of Training RC 2147, many of whom go on to become agents in their own right, however the 'mysterious events' that befell the class of 2012 resulting in Monty finally deciding it was time to leave the PPC for good. He was given a small shuttlecraft and spent his retirement back in his home continuum exploring strange new worlds.

Mission Logs[]

Home: Mission Control



  • 001 - "What You Leave Behind" (Star Trek)
    • Monty Biggins tries to understand the strange effects his cousin is having on the crew, just in time to be rescued by a trio of PPC agents.

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