The Montreal 2007 PPC Gathering was a Gathering of PPC Members held in February 2007 in Montreal.

It was attended by Keily (who lives in Montreal) and Elcalion (who doesn't live in Montreal, but was passing through while backpacking around the world).

The Gathering consisted of the two PPC'ers wandering around the streets of Montreal, generally being weird, and freaking out random passers-by.

Highlights included Montreal's extensive (and confusing) underground shopping mall system (which is probably as close to the architecture of HQ as you'll get in the Real World), snow drawings of PPC slogans (and the Clover), a fan-girl crossover of Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Carribean (spelled 'Pyrates') seen in a board game store, freelance photography for PlayEnt magazine, and what is believed to be the first trying-out of the PPC Card Game.

Keily's report of the Gathering (split up into three parts due to many, many photos) may be found here, here and here.

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