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Agent Montbretia works in the Department of Angst with Agent Lasa. Her main function is to stop Lasa from beating herself senseless so that they can get on with their essential work cheering up canon characters who are depressed for no good reason (see angst). 'Montbretia' is the name of a flower and is pronounced 'Mohn-bree-zya'. Montbretia herself prefers to be known as Mombi, which is Swahili for 'cow', for reasons known only to herself. She is tall, shortsighted in the extreme, and redheaded.

Mombi is blessed with a kind of iron-plated cheerfulness that even her partner's constant tirades and hurtful remarks have yet to dent. She is good friends with Agent Gypsy of Bad Het, and through her, of Trojie and Pads in Bad Slash.

Mombi is a capable boxer and although her eyesight hampers her in the use of any kind of ranged weaponry, she has a powerful right hook.

She participated in the mass sporking of the first 33 chapters of 'Land Before Time: Littlefoot x Cera' as bait, and was nearly killed by the Grandpa-Stu before being rescued by Alice the horse.

Mission Logs[]

Home: Response Centre #45

Partnered with Lasa[]