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Momoka Shigisawa (鴫沢(しぎさわ)(もも)() Shigisawa Momoka) is a Department of Mary Sues agent written by KnShirayuki.

Agent Profile[]


A young woman with wavy, white bobbed hair who often wears "normal" modern clothes. On missions she would also wear a jacket with the flash patch sewn on.


An "average" teenage girl who likes pretty boys and video games. She gets annoyed if her favorite male characters are portrayed badly in badfics. She's highly loyal to Kaguya, likes to follow him around, and often has to assist him during missions when he's in "angry mode."


She was originally adopted into and decided to work as a maid for the Hazama family out of gratitude. She is practically Kaguya's personal servant, but is close to him and shares his interests in pop culture.

Mission Reports[]

Home: Elegant Adventures from RC 381


Partnered with Kaguya[]


  • RC 381's number is preferably read miyabi ("elegance") via goroawase wordplay.
  • The agent's surname is a reference to the character Miya Shigisawa (鴫沢 宮) from the novel The Golden Demon (金色夜叉 Konjiki Yasha) by Meiji author Kōyō Ozaki. Her first name is a reference to the main character Momotarō from the folktale of the same name.