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Mohan is one of the partners in the Kitchen, in HQ. Although he's not a senior partner, he is the tallest partner, which basically counts for the same, right? He makes up one-third of the team, which overall consists of their author's Alter-Ego, her Imaginary Friend, and an Enderman. Mohan is the Imaginary Friend.

Character Profile[]


Mohan looks something like a hrossa, if slightly more humanoid—and, it must be admitted, rather more Bent than the specimens in that particular source material. He's eight feet and a bit, has green eyes, brown fur, floppy ears, arms with two elbows, and a tail. We're not really sure where he's from.


He's something of a peacekeeper, and a foil to his smaller partner. Where Lyn will fly into a rage and leap headfirst into confrontation with a half-baked idea of its possible outcomes, Mohan will pause, think carefully, and attempt to suggest an end result acceptable to all, or most, of the participants. He is not above fighting avidly, though, at all—he just has far colder ways of approaching it. Where Lyn will hurl the foulest insults she can think of at the top of her lungs, Mohan will quietly tweak the most sensitive nerve of his opponent, hard, and then walk away while the recoil sets in. There aren't many people who can reach through his defenses enough to make him that angry, but it is definitely doable.