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Mithiriel is Agent Ithalond's wife. She is domineering, commanding, possessive, and the official Wearer of the Relationship Pants. She's also one hell of a cook, a trait which has endeared her to Agent Suicide, and fond of dragooning people into cleaning the response center, a trait which has not.

Character Profile[]


Since Mithiriel's existence was expounded from given data, and she was never actually described within "Celebrian," her appearance is somewhat Standard Elvish. She has dark-brown hair and green eyes, and typically favors dark red clothing. Since becoming part of the PPC, she has begun wearing catsuits, making people think that she's from the Star Trek universe.


Mithiriel does not take no for an answer. She is an efficient wielder of the Elvish Look-O-Death, but is not above bribery to get people to do what she wants. Her usual modus operandi is to start out looking shy and demure, and then while people are blissed out on her cooking, starting to drop hints. This usually evolves into full-on control over whatever situation she happens to be in.

While she appears overbearing, her forceful behavior is partly drawn from a deep love of her husband; given the torment that Ithalond suffered in "Celebrian," she knows that he is about as capable of ordering his own life as a particularly intelligent deep-pile carpet, and has taken control of it for him while he heals. This is not always helpful, but she means well.

Not that anybody knows that. Most people assume she's just a domineering weirdo. And, to be fair, they're not entirely wrong.


The "Celebrian" badfic never mentioned that Ithalond had a wife, but when agents Dafydd Illian and Constance Sims rescued him from it, he mentioned that he was married—as many Noldo were. When the PPC adopted him, his wife would presumably come with. Thus, Mithiriel entered the scene.

While Ithalond was in FicPsych, Mithiriel devoted herself to fitting in among the PPC agents. As a sign of her allegiance to the PPC, she practiced human cuisine until she had it down to a science: in fact, one of her first acts was to stun Suicide into inaction via generous application of pork chops and applesauce.