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Mission pins are a recent innovation in cross-departmental cooperation: stylised metal versions of flash patches which can be worn to signify that an agent is on assignment to another department. They were invented by Agent Kayleigh of the Department of Bad Slash.


Mission pins are the solution to a problem that never existed: how can agents demonstrate which department they are temporarily assigned to? Invented by Kayleigh Leonard, mission pins are the answer that was never asked for.

A mission pin consists of gold and/or silver wire, shaped so as to resemble a stylised version of a departmental flash patch.[1] It is worn by an agent who is temporarily assigned to that department; an agent from the Department of Mary Sues on assignment with the Department of Bad Slash would wear their DMS flash patch, and a DBS mission pin. The reverse would be true for their temporary partner from Bad Slash.[2]

Mission pins are not currently much used,[2] but are becoming more widespread.[3] Agents can obtain them from Agent Kayleigh,[1] or by being given them by a temporary partner.[2]

Agents Known to Use Mission Pins[]

The following agents have been shown to voluntarily use and hand out mission pins:

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