Miss Kitty, also known as KittyNoodles and KittyNoodlesPPC, is one of the coordinators at the Official Fanfiction University of Azeroth. Along with her brother and co-coordinator SC, she works to keep the university standing through fanbrat stampedes and infighting between the canon characters teaching at the university.

While at OFUAEdit

Miss Kitty is in charge of creating and approving courses at OFUA and occasionally steps in to try to prevent certain constantly-bickering canon characters from destroying the school, the staff, or each other. The former she finds surprisingly theraputic; the latter, however, usually ends with her getting batted into a wall or door or bystander.

As a coordinator, Miss Kitty possesses the rare ability to suspend, expell, and pummel - er, instruct - any student within OFUA's eclectic walls. Due to her love of the World of Warcraft continuum, it can be safely assumed that she will do so whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Outside of OFUAEdit

Miss Kitty's identity outside of OFUA is KittyNoodlesPPC (on the Pit) and KittyNoodles (everywhere else). Aside from OFUA, she has written a handful of missions and one other fanfiction - for World of Warcraft, naturally.


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