Mira is a recent member of the DMS, having previously been in the DoI.


Mira is 5'4", with shoulder-length black hair. She has blue-grey eyes that darken when she is angry. She prefers leather armor over any other type of clothing and is rarely seen without her sword and a pair of knives in arm sheaths.


As an extrovert, Mira tends to assume that quiet people are just being shy and simply need to be drawn out of their shell, something that annoys Somariel to no end. Mira is very bubbly, although three years with the PPC have turned her from an optimist into a cynic.


Mira isn't telling where she's from, although it's commonly assumed to some sort of fantasy continuum, given her skill with a sword, dagger, and knives. Falling into Headquarters shortly after her fifteenth birthday, she spent three years in the DoI before transferring to the Freelance Division of the DMS. Shortly after her transfer, she was assigned the newly recruited Agent Somariel as a partner, who had just finished preliminary training.


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