Mira was a new recruit in the Department of Mary Sues, Legacy of Kain Division, before her partner unexpectedly went into a changestate (a sort of pupal state). She was written by Phoenix.

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Appearance Edit

Mira is 5'8" and about 135 pounds. She has "perfect white teeth that had been forcefully made so by layers of rubber and endless plaque scraping," and her grin is still less pleasant than her vampire partner's.

Personality Edit

Mira is a rabid video game aficionado, grammar Nazi, and walking LoK encyclopedia. She is one of the governing bodies of the Legacy of Kain Division (total members: 2). Impetuous and headstrong (but let's not forget mentally and physically unbalanced), she is unforgiving to her fandom's healthy population of Mary Sues. Most notably, her favorite method of execution for such anomalies seems to be turning them over to her partner Martin to snack on. A curious end to a curious breed of Sue, indeed. Unfortunately, with Martin currently stuck in changestate, she's on her own.

Apart from Sues, she particularly loathes bad spelling, hideous grammar, bad slash, and incest!fics.

Mission Reports Edit

Home: Department of Mary Sues: Legacy of Kain Division

Partnered with Martin Edit

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