The Yu Yu Hakusho continuum definitely contains minis of some kind. It's just that no one has bothered to describe them yet.

Agents Teena and WyldeHorse came across minis in a Yu Yu Haksuho mission. However, they refrained from describing them due to the absence of any YYH OFU at the time. As coordinator of the Official Fanfiction Collegium of Valdemar, WyldeHorse provided them a temporary home in the Companion Field there.[1] Since then, at least two such OFUs have been started and abandoned, neither naming a mini for the canon.

Agents Winston Chalmers and Chliever the Corroder also found a YYH mini, but because their spin-off is out of continuity, and because the description of the mini is vague,[2] it is being discounted.


  • Kayko (last known to be at the OFCoV)
  • Kuwubara (last known to be at the OFCoV)
  • Yusuked (last known to be at the OFCoV)

The following mini was rescued from a mission that has since been removed from PPC continuity

  • Yuske

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