"No, I meant--urgle glurgh gaaah. . . ." Somehow, the student was no longer speaking, and in his place a thin wisp of smoke rose toward the ceiling.
—OFUXF Chapter 4: "Too Much Star Trek"

Minis in The X-Files are mini-CSMs, short for mini-Cigarette-Smoking Man. In height, they reach roughly the thigh level of an adult human. Rather than speaking, mini-CSMs make an "Rrg!" noise.

They appeared as staff guardians (and also food servers and medical staff) in the Official Fanfiction University of the X-Files. Mini-CSMs made from Dana Scully's name in particular are also the physicians of the OFU. Muldaur and Dagget are heads of security.

Canon OriginEdit

The Cigarette-Smoking Man is an unnamed, mysterious figure on The X-Files, where he serves as a longtime antagonist. He is a part of the Syndicate, which runs a Project. The Project seeks to pretend to go along with invading aliens, while actually working against their invasion plans by creating human/alien hybrids.

As part of this plan, the Syndicate desires evidence of alien activity on Earth to be stifled. To this end, the CSM is frequently tasked with hindering Agents Mulder and Scully's efforts to investigate unusual phenomena, and ultimately seeks to get the X-Files unit of the FBI discredited and shut down.


  • Singer Sculli (adopted by Boarder Rosie)
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