The Wizard of Oz does not currently have an official mini type. However, before current mini guidelines were established, the mini-Scoodler was named as the mini for this continuum. The first person to create an Official Fanfiction University for WoO, or to write a WoO mission that produces minis, may change it to something else if they choose.

Canon OriginEdit

Scoodlers have no proper back or front. They have a face on both sides of their head, and their limbs are creepily double-jointed, allowing them to function in either direction. The head is detachable (and re-attachable), and the Scoodlers throw them as weapons. One side of a Scoodler has black skin and yellow hair; the other side has white skin and purple hair.

Scoodlers appear in The Road to Oz, the fifth novel in the Oz series. They live in a mountain outside the Land of Oz. The Scoodlers capture Dorothy and her friends, hoping to make soup out of the travelers, but they escape, and the Scoodlers all lose their heads—down a ravine.


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