The gun is not telepathic. It does, however, shoot bullets.

Minis from Weiß Kreuz are mini-Schuldigs, according to a mention in the PPC Directory. This mini is not official, and may be changed by the first person to write a Weiß Kreuz OFU or a mission that produces minis.

Canon OriginEdit

Schuldig is a member of Schwarz, the evil assassin team opposing Weiß, the protagonistic assassin team.

Schuldig is telepathic, using his powers to affect others' minds. This power comes at a price; he sometimes can't distinguish his own thoughts from those of the people around him. He attempted to use this power to make Sakura shoot Aya once, but Aya was able to resist long enough for her allies to disarm her.


  • Judehiri (adopted by Boarder Shila)
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