After a few days' wandering, he came upon a small warren and, snarling and clawing, forced them to accept him. Soon he had become Chief Rabbit, having killed both the previous Chief and a rival named Fiorin. In combat, he was terrifying, fighting entirely to kill, indifferent to any wounds he received himself and closing with his adversaries until his weight overbore and exhausted them.
Watership Down, chapter 34: "General Woundwort"

Watership Down minis are mini-Woundworts, copies of the continuum's main villain, General Woundwort.

They are at least the size of an average English rabbit, if not as large as Woundwort himself, as they are much larger than mini-Sues from this canon (which take the form of tiny, pink rabbits). They seem to possess Woundwort's willingness to fight, as well.

Canon OriginEdit

General Woundwort is the leader of the Efrafa rabbit warren. He is vicious and brutal, ruling his warren as a police state. After the protagonists rescue some of his people, Woundwort leads his Owsla (military) to attack them at Watership Down. After the story ends, the General's name becomes a sort of ambiguous "boogeyman" for the warrens who knew him, a legendary lone rabbit who would nonetheless return if rabbit-kind ever came to need him.

The movie and television adaptations portray him as a dark-furred rabbit with one sightless eye, though he was never stated to be half-blind in the novel.


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  • the Thereah
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