Valon had not landed on Kala, but Kouroki had, and she was currently very happy with her location. Kala yanked the perverted mini from her chest.
"Of Scorpion's WraMOTERO!"

The mini of Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!! is the mini-Mokocchi.

They are shrunken-down and heavily chibified versions of the manga's protgonist, Tomoko Kuroki, having messy black hair, a yellow dress, and dark bags under their eyes. Like Tomoko, they occasionally display perverted behavior. However, like Pokémon, mini-Mokocchis can only speak forms of one word: "motero."

Canon OriginEdit

"Mokocchi" is a nickname used for Tomoko by her best friend, Yū Naruse. Mini-Mokocchi get their occasional bouts of lust from their namesake.

"Motero" is Japanese for "popular," and is a reference to Tomoko's obsession with being accepted by her peers. The phrase is repeated a couple of times in the theme song of the anime adaptation of Watamote. (The English translation of those lines is, "Make me popular.")


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