Misspellings in Warehouse 13 produce mini-Farnsworths. In this case, "mini" is a misnomer, as a mini-Farnsworth is the same size as the canon communications device. The mini, however, can walk on a pair of stubby little legs and likes to eat bacon and chocolate.

Currently, only one mini-Farnsworth is known to reside in Headquarters, so any ability they possess to communicate at a distance, and whether they can display video feed, is unknown.

Canon OriginEdit

Farnsworths are hand-held communication devices, created by inventor Filo Farnsworth (an actual historical figure, though the Farnsworth item is not real). It works like a two-way video transmitter, with a small screen displaying a black-and-white image of the other half of the conversation.

Despite their age, Farnsworths are still used as effective communicators by Warehouse 13's staff, as they operate on an un-tappable frequency unused by modern equipment.


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