Minis from the Twilight series are mini-Sparklewolves. As the name suggests, these are small (between the size of a rat and a cat) canines that sparkle constantly. They are relatively docile, although have been known to attack anything that sings, especially if the singing is bad. Their fur color is as variable as that of standard wolves, although most are dark grey or black.

Exposing mini-Sparklewolves to Mary Sue glitter is not recommended, as the glitter can cause an allergic reaction in the mini, leading to its fur moulting. This is more an annoyance than a serious condition, as the fur regrows almost instantly; however, most agents would not care to have their RC littered with intensely sparkly fur.

There is a pack of wolves and wolf-shaped minis living in the Miss Cam Courtyard. Among their number are three mini-Sparklewolves (noted in the list below), though they are still available for adoption from the pack leader, roman.

Canon OriginEdit

The mini-Sparklewolves are a reference to two aspects of the Twilight Saga:


Character MinisEdit

  • Bellar
  • emet
  • Esmie
  • Jabob
  • Jakabob
  • Jessa (adopted by Agents Chalk and Jenka)
  • rosaline
  • Rosemarie
Alice Cullen
  • alisen
  • alison
  • Allice
Carlisle Cullen
  • Carliel
  • Carlisse
  • carliz
  • Carlose (adopted by Boarder Will-o-wisp)
Edward Cullen

Other MinisEdit

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