Minis in The Phantom of the Opera are not-so-mini mini-grasshoppers and not-so-mini mini-scorpions. These are sometimes abbreviated to not-so-mini-grasshoppers and not-so-mini-scorpions. As their full title implies, these "minis" are actually larger than the things they are modeled after. Whether a given mini takes the grasshopper or scorpion form seems to be random.

These minis first appeared at the Official PhanPhiction Academy of Phantom of the Opera. The head of security, Mlle. Mirielle, is in charge of them.

Not-so-mini mini-scorpions are aggressive, and wield the pincers and tail stinger of their Real World counterparts. They communicate by clicking their claws threateningly, and are more protective of their namesake canon than the grasshoppers. Not-so-mini mini-grasshoppers are more energetic and playful, with the impressive jumping prowess their suborder is known for. They still enjoy harrying badficcers, however. Their chirping is loud, and especially annoying to Mary Sues and fanbrats.

Canon OriginEdit

In the novel version of The Phantom of the Opera, the choice Erik gives Christine has a physical component. In a pair of caskets, Erik has rigged two switches to different devices, disguised as figurines of Japanese bronze. One is a scorpion, and the other is a grasshopper (or possibly locust, depending on how one translates the original French). Christine is to turn one or the other to indicate to the Phantom her acceptance or refusal to marry him.

If Christine chooses to turn the grasshopper, this would mean "no." Not that Erik would get the message, since that switch would trigger barrels of gunpowder to explode, leveling the Paris Opera House and killing everyone inside. If Christine chooses to turn the scorpion, this would mean "yes," and the switch would flood the barrels with water, rendering the gunpowder harmless, but leaving Christine doomed to wed Erik.


  • Christine de Changy (a not-so-mini mini-scorpion)
  • Monsieur de Changy (a not-so-mini mini-grasshopper)
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