Misspellings in The Matrix create mini-Sentinels. They could also be called mini-Squiddies to differentiate them from X-Men minis, which are also called mini-Sentinels (though they are a different kind of robot).

Mini-Sentinels have a rounded body with multiple pairs of visual sensors on the front. Trailing behind them are multiple braid-like tentacles with grasping digits on the end. Mini-Sentinels are flight capable.

These minis first appeared alongside many other types at the Official Fanfiction University of Crossovers. Unlike the other minis seen there, which were borrowed from other fanfiction universities, mini-Sentinels were specifically invented for OFUC.

Canon OriginEdit

Sentinels fought against humans in the early days of the Machine War, taking injured and dead bodies to be examined so that the Machines could learn more about them. During this time and the later assaults on Zion, the Sentinels attacked in huge swarms, fighting directly with their tentacles or lasers.

After the Machines won the war, Sentinels served as the Machine City's soldiers outside of the Matrix. Their "head" is equipped with multiple types of sensors. They patrol the sewer systems of the world searching for human-controlled hovercrafts, which they destroy using homing explosives thrown from a distance.


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