Minis from the Legend of Zelda continuum appear as mini-Gohmas. They are arachnoid arthropods with a single large eye, and can come in several colors, typically orange or brown. Their eye is very sensitive, and like their canon counterparts, mini-Gohmas will often climb walls or other nearby objects to keep harm from coming to it.

Canon OriginEdit

The Gohmas serve as recurring bosses in the Zelda games, most notably in the original game, in Ocarina of Time, and in Oracle of Seasons. A Gohma's weak point has traditionally been its prominent central eye, which has taken abuse from slingshots, arrows, Hookshots, and swords over the course of the series. Several of of the species spawn larval Gohmas from within their bodies during their battles with Link, suggesting either that eggs are stored within them or that the species is capable of asexual reproduction. These Gohma larvae are less developed and possess fewer appendages than their full-grown counterparts, and are occasionally fought in dungeons as low-level enemies.

Two later games have shown permutations of the Gohma species: a lava-dwelling centipede-like Gohma in The Wind Waker, and the Armogohma in Twilight Princess. However, the mini-Gohmas take on the appearance of full-grown mainstream Gohmas, as the latter two are likely atypical specimens.


Character MinisEdit

Farore Edit

  • Faeyor
  • Fayor

Ganondorf Edit

  • gannnondorf
  • ganodorf
  • Ganonndutf

Link Edit

  • Lik
  • Limk
  • link#

Nabooru Edit

  • Naboroo
  • Naburu

Nayru Edit

  • Naryu
  • Nayrue

Sages Edit

  • sajes

Onox Edit

  • Knox (spawned by the US 1.0 ROM of Oracle of Ages, which is on the 3DS Virtual Console)

Other/unknown Edit

  • Ria

Species MinisEdit

Beamos Edit

  • Beemos

Goron Edit

  • Garon

Gohma Edit

  • Ghoma

Hylian Edit

  • Hyian
  • Hylien

Sheikah Edit

  • sheiak
  • Sheka
  • sheka
  • Shika

Zora/Zola Edit

  • Zoa

Location MinisEdit

Death Mountain Edit

  • death muntan

Hyrule Castle (and Castle Town) Edit

  • Hyrule-Castletown

Lost Woods Edit

  • lost wods
  • lost wudds

Sacred Realm Edit

  • sacrid relm

Item MinisEdit

Fairy Bow Edit

  • Farey Bo

Hover Boots Edit

  • Hovar Botes

Master Sword Edit

  • Masrter Soord

Spiritual Stone Edit

  • Spirual Stone

Triforce Edit

  • triforze
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