The minis found in The Incredibles fanfiction are mini-Omnidroids.

These minis are small, round robots that have clawed, tentacle-like legs, which they can retract into their bodies and roll from place to place. They are often painted in the color scheme of the Super or character whose name was misspelled.

Canon Origin Edit

The Omnidroids are the secondary antagonists of the Incredibles movie. They are a series of superhero-killing battle robots created by the supervillain Syndrome as part of Operation Kronos.

The Omnidroids are programmed with an artificial intelligence that allows them to learn as it fought its opponents and solve any problems they meet. Syndrome, in the training sessions of Operation Kronos, would pit retired Supers against one prototype of the robot, and if that version is defeated, he would develop an improved model and use it on the Super that had defeated the previous unit, and repeating the cycle. This kills off many potential threats to his plans and to perfect the robot for the final phase of the operation. He also intended to make the robot good enough to fight and defeat Mr. Incredible, who he had a bone to pick with and is the biggest threat to his scheme.

The Omnidroid seen in the climax of the movie was deployed via rocket to attack the city of Municiberg, where Syndrome would then go up against it in a fake fight, and use the remote control on his wrist to "defeat" it and get all the glory for the victory and sell his inventions to the world, making his customers equally "Super" and rendering the term meaningless. However, the robot turned on Syndrome when it noticed the remote control, as it then blasted the remote away before knocking its creator unconscious. It was then fought and defeated by Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, and Frozone. It was destroyed when one of its own claws was fired at it by the heroes using Syndrome's remote, tearing out its brainpan. The robot's body fell into a lake and promptly exploded.

Minis Edit

  • helen honny, thunderhead, dash, helen, srah, tony, Jack-Javk, and parrs (adopted by Agent Falchion)
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