Minis from Teletubbies are mini-Noo-Noos.

They have blue bodies on wheels. Their nose is a long black tube, which works like the air-sucking part of a vacuum cleaner. There is a brush sticking out the top of their head, which represents eyebrows. Their eyes are also on short hoses, allowing the mini-Noo-Noo to look around without needing to roll its entire body.

Canon OriginEdit

The Noo-Noo is a robot that lives with the Teletubbies in their Hobbit-hole. It speaks entirely in slurping noises. It serves as their house-keeper, using its vacuum trunk to remove messes—either ones caused by the Teletubbies, or ones from outside sources that get in the way of the Teletubbies. Sometimes, it gets upset at the Teletubbies, and sucks up their possessions instead, leading them to scold it, "Naughty Noo-Noo!" before chasing it around their home.


  • tellitubbies
  • tinky-winky (adopted by Agent Desdendelle)
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