Minis from the Steven Universe continuum appear as mini-Centipeetles. These arthropod-like minis are primarily composed of seven different segments. The upper portion of the mini is covered in a chitinous, bumpy, dark green exoskeleton throughout its body, with a single pair of legs of the same color, and the lower side of each segment is of a light green and slightly translucent with a yellow-green diamond shape in the middle of each of it. The head of a mini-Centipeetle has giant vertical mandibles with a single yellow eye located inside; the upper portion and upper mandible is dark green, and the lower portion and lower mandible a light green color. The last segment lacks a pair of legs, but has a set of large, pincer-like appendages.

Mini-Centipeetles can shoot globs of a highly corrosive substance that can eat away at almost anything, making them perfect for the disposal of Suvian bodies. They also have the ability to climb up vertical cliff faces. Only a few have been discovered so far, so whether or not they have the same hive-mind as the Centipeetles in canon is unclear.

Canon Origin Edit

Centipeetles were the very first monsters faced by the characters in the Steven Universe television series, appearing as the primary antagonists of the premiere episode, "Gem Glow."

When Steven gets home from the local ice cream parlor, he finds Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet locked in battle with Centipeetles that have invaded Steven's room. This escalates into a battle against both them and the mother Centipeetle, who is controlling all the others, during which Steven believes that the consumption of his favorite ice cream treat, Cookie Cats, will trigger the gem on his belly to glow and exhibit special powers. When this turns out not to be the case, he eventually defeats the mother by electrocuting her with his freezer, vanquishing the threat and allowing the others to contain her gem.

The Centipeetle Mother has an article of her own. Beware: contains spoilers!

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