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Minis from the Stargate Atlantis fandom are called mini-Wraiths. Although there was a general Stargate OFU that covered the original movie and SG-1, and intended to include Atlantis, it is unclear whether mini-Wraith would have had a place there.

These minis are about 18 inch tall bipedal humanoids with pale skin that is tinged blue or green. They have vertical pupil slits, white hair, facial tattoos, and usually some type of goatee. They are capable of leaving suction bruises on bare skin with their feeding hands. They enjoy raw bacon, blue jello, and Sue blood. Mini-Wraith do not generally speak (although no mini-Wraith based on Rodney has been encountered yet).

Canon Origin[]

The Wraith are an antagonistic alien race in Stargate Atlantis. They are vampiric, feeding on the life force of other living creatures through a specialized feeding slit in their right palm. The Wraith's feeding grounds are the planets of the Pegasus galaxy. They hibernate, sometimes for centuries, before doing another sweep of colonized planets and feeding on the peoples living there.

Wraith have regenerative powers, although it is more effective when the Wraith has recently fed. They are also telepathic, deluding their prey into hallucinating to disorient them. The Wraith society is somewhat like that of Earth social insects like ants, with a dominant Queen and strict class levels.


Character Minis[]

Dex, Ronon
  • Ronan Dex (fostered by Miah and Cali until Elorie's agents are out of training)
  • Ronin Dex (who speaks fanbrat Japanese)
  • Ronnon
  • Roonon
Lorne, Evan
Sheppard, John
  • Colonel Shepard (adopted by Ian and Lee)
  • Shepard's
  • Johns (adopted by Orion)
Weir, Elizabeth
  • Dr, Weir

Species Minis[]

  • Altaeran
  • Altaerans
  • Asusrans