The Star Trek continuum contains two official types (and one unofficial, discontinued type) of mini. In badfics, they spawn as mini-Tribbles, and serve as bodyguards at the Official Fanfiction University of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. At the Official Fanfiction Academy of Starfleet, staff member Q transforms them into mini-Gorn, which are better suited to guard the faculty from their students.

NenyaQuende was once planning to start a Star Trek OFU. According to her comments on "OFUST:DS9," she had already compiled a list of mini-Jem'Hadar, despite not actually starting the OFU yet. This makes this type of mini non-canon, although a couple of Nenya's agents are still seen to have them in her spinoffs.

Canon OriginEdit

Tribbles are small, furry animals that have appeared throughout the Star Trek canon. When petted, they make a purring sound that has calming effects on some humanoids. Tribbles reproduce asexually, and produce young that is already pregnant with the next generation of Tribbles. This gives the creatures the potential to completely wreck any ecological system or drive an isolated starship's crew into starvation in very little time.

The Gorn are a sentient race of reptilians that have served as minor villains in some episodes of Star Trek. They are tall and muscular, with green scaly skin, silvery eyes and a mouth filled with sharp teeth. They are very powerful, able to withstand many physical attacks without appearing to experience pain. Despite their primitive appearance, the Gorn are an advanced race with speech, culture and space travel.

Coinicidentally, the Jem'Hadar are also a reptilian humanoid race, bred by the Changelings to serve as the military might of the Dominion during Deep Space Nine. Their birth cycle was genetically accelerated, causing them to grow into adult warriors within three days. A dependency on ketrecel-white was genetically programmed into their bodies to ensure the Jem'Hadar's loyalty to the Dominion. They are much stronger than humans, resist the stun setting of phasers, and can naturally cloak their own bodies for stealth.


Unless otherwise noted, these are only the minis that have been found in PPC missions. The full list is much greater. Anyone wishing to adopt minis not on this list can contact Miss Gloria at the Official Fanfiction Academy of Starfleet.

Character MinisEdit

  • Katherine
  • Arry Kim
  • Leutinent Marks
  • Paries
  • Tasha Yarr
  • Torries
Mr. Spock
  • Aeryn Spock
  • Spock Aeryn
  • Yes Spock Aeryn
  • As you wish Spock
  • Mr. Spack
  • Spok

Species and Organization MinisEdit

  • Gorin (produced by the novelization of "The Time Trap" from the animated series)
  • Kilngon
  • Kason
  • Kasons
  • Kazan

Location MinisEdit

  • Voyger
  • Sick Bay
  • Turbo-Lift

Jem'Hadar warriors.


These minis exist only in historical stories.

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