Minis from the Sanctuary 'verse are mini-stenopelhabbilis, also known as mini-stenos. They are the size of medium dogs, and have furless skin. Other features include large bony ridges on their backs; long, thick tails; slightly splayed, yet very powerful limbs ending with long, heavy claws; large tusks; and long floppy ears.

They are very friendly and will often adopt a particular agent. They will then want to eat things that agent eats, make a nest of that agent's clothing, etc. They have the personality of a particularly cute puppy. They eat bamboo, cheeseburgers, and whatever their agent eats.

Canon OriginEdit

The stenopelhabbilis is a species of Abnormal hunted nearly to extinction for its tusks. Despite their monstrous appearance, they graze on bamboo in the wild, although some may develop a taste for cheeseburgers. Reese's Pieces are something they should not be fed, as sugar plus peanut apparently makes them violent. It is unknown whether the minis have the same reaction. (Considering the Narrative Laws of Comedy . . .)

A young stenopelhabbilis named Ralphie lived at the Old City Sanctuary with Kate Freelancer, upon whom it had imprinted after hatching. The Beijing Sanctuary is attempting to breed the species and get it back to a healthy population.


Character MinisEdit

Big Guy (a.k.a Big Foot, a.k.a. Old Friend)
  • Big Guys (has shaggy fur)
Helen Magnus
  • Cane,Helen
  • Helens
  • Way;Helen
  • You,Helen
Montague John Druitt (a.k.a. Jack the Ripper)
  • Gym;John
  • It,John
  • John Dont (adopted by Rosie Azrael)
  • Johns

Other MinisEdit

  • abnormals
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