The minis of the Redwall continuum are mini-Deepcoilers. They take the form of two-to-three-foot-long snakes with fins, and like to eat bacon fat mixed with fish guts. Unlike their full-sized counterpart, they are amphibious, capable of living and moving on land if necessary as long as they stay damp.

Canon OriginEdit

The Deepcoiler was a giant, predatory serpent that appeared in Salamandastron, a shrew legend that proved to be real. It lived in the Great Inland Lake, and caused many beasts' deaths throughout the novel. It was finally slain by the squirrel Samkim, who thrust the Sword of Martin through the roof of the Deepcoiler's mouth as it tried to eat him.


Character MinisEdit

Ferahgo the Assassin
  • fergho
  • Ferhago the Assassin
  • fraggo
  • fragho teh assasin
Urthstripe the Strong
  • erthstrype
  • erthstrypes
  • erthstype
  • lard erthstrype

Group MinisEdit

  • badjer
  • bagger
  • Uskarat (adopted by Manx and Shadow)

Location MinisEdit

Author MinisEdit

  • Bryan Jacques
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