When the name of a Real World figure is misspelled, it produces a miniature version of that person. Exceptions to this have occurred, as in the case of Shumann. It is also currently unknown what type of mini appears when a Real World location or event is misspelled.

Sometimes, this sort of misspelling will still produce one of the other mini types if the Real World figure appears as a character in a fictional canon. For example, a misspelling of Nikola Tesla in a Sanctuary fanfic will make a mini-stenopelhabbilis instead of a shrunken Tesla, because that continuum has a canon character based on the real Tesla.

Canon OriginEdit

This is one instance where a mini type was decided by group discussion on the Board rather than through a mission. This is partly because the PPC no longer covers Real Person Fics, and partly to avoid having to settle on a single "most dangerous monster" for plain old regular Earth. (After all, most Boarders live on World One, so it's fair for them to decide on its mini type, rather than leaving it to visiting agents.)


  • Abe Lincon (adopted by Agent Orion)
  • Shumann (adopted by Agents Florestan and Eusabius)
    • Shumann breaks the "mini copy of a person" standard. It has never been described, but tends to behave animalistically. The reason for the difference is unexplained.
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