"A mini?!" Randa hissed around Rina's hand. "That thing's as tall as you!"
"The Sue of Many Names"

Minis from the Ranger's Apprentice series are mini-Kalkara. They are massive by mini standards, standing even with some humans. They look like a combination of ape and bear and act as excellent security guards for the Araluen Fanfiction Academy.

Canon OriginEdit

Kalkara were sentient, monstrous creatures that dwelled in the mountains. Two appeared in The Ruins of Gorlan under the control of Morgarath, and may have been the last surviving Kalkara. Morgarath tried to use them to kill the protagonists by bribing them with silver, with which Kalkara are obsessed.

The real ones are over two-and-a-half meters tall. Despite their size and bulk, they are extremely fast and agile, both in running and jumping. Their body is covered in waxy hair that is able to stop blades from puncturing their skin, although this coating also makes them very flammable. Anyone looking into a Kalkara's eyes is paralyzed with fear, leaving them defenseless against the long, curved claws.


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