Keep it . . . They don't need to eat or sleep. What it needs most now is your love. Give it the care that you never gave your spelling. I hope you're not heartless enough to just leave it there, mommy.
—Agent Katz at the Aperture Science Fanfiction Enrichment Seminar

Misspellings in Portal fanfiction create copies of the canonical Frankenturrets from Portal 2. They are composed of a Weighted Storage Cube with two Sentry Turrets spliced into it (but without the guns). Most of them can only speak in a high-pitched chirping sound. The Turret heads can retract into the Cube like a hermit crab into its shell. They can drag themselves forward very slowly with the Turrets' legs. Frankenturrets are self-aware of the wrongness of a mini's existence; they will sometimes attempt self-destruction, but being metallic misspellings, they are much too durable to succeed. Sometimes, the turret eyes of a Frankenturret have the same coloring as their namesake, but this is not a hard-and-fast rule.

GLaDOS's name is ripe for mini creation in this canon, due to the odd capitalization scheme.

Frankenturrets first appeared in the Aperture Science Fanfiction Enrichment Seminar, although (not a PPC) Agent Katz specifically mentioned that they were produced by the misspellings themselves, rather than being a product of the Fanfiction University. The Frankenturrets here are well-liked by staff member Katz, who often treats them like pets. They try to seek out the student who created them, forcing said student to lug their bulky, metal frame from class to class when successful. When unclaimed or off-duty, the misspellings reside in "Frankenturret Central," a large test chamber hidden in the school.

Some unusual instances of Frankenturret have been observed at the school:

  • "Core!Wheatley" manifested as a Frankenturret, even though Wheatley's name is spelled correctly. The overly specific descriptor seems to have indicated such a low understanding of the character that it created a mini anyway. (It's the equivalent of saying Dwarf!Gimli.)
  • The Frankenturret anddroid/Wheatley can speak in words. It is unknown whether this is due to his unusual name, or simply because he happens to be made of defective turrets, which are more talkative than the properly constructed variety in canon.
  • Misspellings of "Companion Cube" are made of Companion Cubes instead of Storage Cubes. When in a group, they start humming the Companion Cube's theme music.

Canon OriginEdit

Actual Frankenturrets appear in canon, during Portal 2. Wheatley tries to produce test chambers with self-solving puzzles; to this end, he combines Turrets and Cubes in an attempt to make Cubes that can walk onto activation buttons on their own. The resulting "Frankenturrets" are too clumsy and unbalanced to succeed at this, however.

The word "Frankenturret" is never used in-game. The name comes from the director's commentary of Portal 2.


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