A mini of the Pirates of the Caribbean variety, this vicious creature resembles Jack the undead monkey and screeches wildly, though it cannot speak. Misspelled Monkeys are so uncontrollable that, while they reside at the Official Fanfiction University of the Caribbean Islands, they have been known to attack canon characters on the rare occasion that a fangirl or Mary Sue is nowhere to be found. At OFUCI, Miss Merc serves as the mini handler.

Barbosa the Misspelled Monkey is currently head of the Linguistics Division in the Department of Technical Errors.

Canon OriginEdit

Jack the white-fronted capuchin monkey is mascot of Captain Barbossa's pirate crew on board the Black Pearl during the first PotC movie. Thanks to his love of gold, Jack shares the same curse of undeath as the pirates. Although the curse is lifted during Curse of the Black Pearl, Jack steals another medallion at the end of the movie, and remains cursed throughout the rest of the series.


Character MinisEdit

Location MinisEdit

  • Ilsa de Muerta
  • interceptor
  • navy
  • Perls
  • Totoga


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