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Minis from the Old Kingdom series are mini-Moggets. They're kitten versions of Mogget, and behave pretty much the same as regular cats, including the annoying behaviors. While the original Mogget was white, mini-Moggets have been seen in at least one other color, black. Their collars bear their names, as well as some Charter Marks; the collar also bears a mini-version of any one of the bells, with a weakened version of the regular bell's effects.

The Mini-Mogget Adoption Agency is run out of RC 1984 by Agents Amelia Renner and Skeet.

Note: At the Official Fanfiction University of the Abhorsenverse, the minis are mini-Stilkens. Presumably, they change shape upon entering the OFU, as in other cases of multiple mini types.

Canon Origin[]

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Mogget is technically Yrael, a free magic elemental known as a Bright Shiner, bound into service to the Abhorsens long ago. While his natural form is a tall, humanoid being made of light, his bound form is a white (sentient, speech-capable) house cat. Mogget wears a collar covered in Charter Marks, bearing a bell (throughout the series, Saraneth, Ranna or Belgaer).

Mogget originally refused to assist the other Bright Shiners in the creation of the Charter, and was later bound as punishment. If Mogget is freed, he will attempt to kill the Abhorsen or part of her/his family in retribution for his binding. When he was given an opportunity at the end of Abhorsen, however, he chose to stand with the Abhorsen's family and the other Bright Shiners instead.


Character Minis[]

  • abhorsen (adopted by Technician Sigma One, wears Belgaer)
  • hedges care
  • lireal
  • Lireal
  • Moggot
  • white cat (black fur, wears Mosrael)
  • paperwing
  • sabrial
  • Sabrial
  • prince sameth
  • Aunt Sam (adopted by Agent Kayleigh Leonard, white fur)

Nicholas and Edward Sayre[]

  • Edward sayre
  • Mr sayre
  • Nicholas sayre
  • nick

Location Minis[]

  • Anclisteire (wears Ranna)
  • corvere
  • forwin mill
  • ellismere fro forwin mill (white fur, wears Dyrim on diamond-crusted collar)
  • old kingdom

Author Minis[]

  • Garth nixes (black fur)