Narnian minis are mini-dragons. They are three-foot long winged reptilians with orange eyes.

The mini trainer at the Official Fanfiction University of Narnia is Miss Ash, who also serves as the course coordinator of the OFU. She has her hands full, as mini-dragons have short attention spans and like to scratch at furniture like cats. Miss Ash called in Valer the mini-Balrog from the Official Fanfiction University of Middle-earth to help keep the mini-dragons in line. She feeds the mini-dragons a diet of Turkish delight, so Valer wouldn't be in competition with the local minis for food.

Canon OriginEdit

Dragons are a native species in Narnia, although they have few appearances throughout the series. In Dawn Treader, Eustace came across a dragon just before its death. Sleeping on top of the dragon's treasure hoard, Eustace dreamed greedy thoughts of his new-found wealth... but awoke to find himself transformed into a dragon!

Most Narnian dragons seem to have been sleeping underground, only awakening at the end of time to contribute to Narnia's destruction before dying.


Character MinisEdit

Professor Digory Kirke
  • Diggory Kirk
  • Digory Krike
  • Mr. Kirk

Location MinisEdit

Cair Paravel
  • Narian
  • Narnia No-Longerfled (adopted by Agent Diocletian)
  • narnia
  • narnian

Other MinisEdit

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