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Minis from the NCIS fandom are called mini-LEOs. LEO is the acronym for Law Enforcement Officer. Several of them have been rescued from badfic already. The character minis are about a foot and a half tall and look like their namesakes. The other minis are generic Marine Military Police (MPs), Navy Masters-at-Arms (MAs), or members of another law enforcement agency that would be appropriate to the mission. Mini-LEOs are also found in the NCIS: Los Angeles and (presumably) the NCIS: New Orleans 'verses, as they exist in the same continuum. Mini-LEOs have their own NCIS Mini Adoption Center based in rooms joining Agents Miah and Cali's RC.

NCIS Minis[]

Character Minis[]

Leroy Jethro Gibbs[]

  • Gibbs team
  • Gobbs (likes caffeine pods, hitting), adopted by Rose/Ross.
  • Jethrow (likes caffeine pods, hitting), adopted by Rose/Ross.

Abby Sciuto[]

  • Abbey, adopted by Miah Arthur.
  • Abby's Lad (meant to say Abby's lab)

Tim McGee[]

  • Magee (rude, mouthy, Irish accent), adopted by Miah Arthur.
  • McGhee (vegetarian, polite, Indian accent)
  • Timithy McGee

Tony DiNozzo[]

  • Dinozzo (likes to cop a feel)
  • DiNozo
  • tony

Jenny Shepard[]

  • Director Sheppard (likes to type)

Donald Mallard[]

  • Dr. Donald Mallards

Other Minis[]

  • N.C.I.S. (mini-Master-at Arms)
  • probationary N.C.I.S. agent (mini-Master-at Arms)
  • Gibbs Antonio
  • ncis

NCIS: Los Angeles Minis[]

Eric Beale[]