Minis from Monster Musume are mini-Suus (not to be confused with mini-Sues).

Mini-Suus resemble Suu in her most basic form. They don't have all of Suu's abilities, but a mini-Suu can tell people her name by poking the person's head with her antenna. They're very cheerful and friendly compared to most minis, but they can still digest anything organic.

Canon OriginEdit


Suu's usual form.

Suu is a member of Kimihito Kurusu's increasingly large harem of monster girls. She's a slime, and she's made of water. She gets bigger, smarter, and more humanoid the more water she absorbs. She has a variety of weird mimicry and mind-reading powers, most of which are revealed right when they'd be useful.


  • Sumisu (adopted by Valon Vance)
  • Ms. Sumisu
  • Mrs. Sumisu
  • orge
  • zombina
  • doppl
  • tionishia
  • Dalahan (adopted by Gabby)
  • Extra Species
  • NichiJou
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