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A mini-Questing Beast is the mini for Merlin. It is about the size of a large dog, and has the body of a leopard and the head of a snake. The mini form of this creature is friendly to all protectors of the plot continuum, though it should not be allowed to come into contact with ex-Sue members of the PPC.

Its venom and size are much reduced from the original. The mini's venom is safe for most agents, though fever and rash are possible. The venom is deadly to Mary Sues. A very diluted concentration of mini-Questing Beast venom is used by the Janitorial Division and Laundry Room staff to remove Sue blood stains from Generic Surface and clothing. The exact nature of the venom's reaction with glitter is being studied. Though their glitter content is much reduced, the risk is too great for this mini or its undiluted venom to have contact with reformed Sues.

Mini-Questing Beasts need some living prey to satisfy the snaky part of their nature. Small, furry CAFs fulfill this requirement nicely. Daily intake of meat is needed for their mammalian feline side. They also like raw bacon and catnip for treats.

Canon Origin[]

The Questing Beast of Merlin is a huge creature, approximately the size of a bus. It has a leopard's torso, a lion's haunches, a cobra head and rabbit feet. Its cry is like a whole pack of hunting dogs. Only one can exist in the Merlin canon at a time, and if the current one dies, a new one will appear.

The Questing Beast is filled with the life and death energies of the Old Religion, and its venom is certain death. The only option for a cure is extremely powerful Old Magic, and doesn't actually prevent death, only transfers the death from one individual to another.