The minis of the Mass Effect continuum are robotic quadrupeds known as mini-Colossi. These particular minis have no preferred diet, due to being mechanical creatures. However, having a place for them to recharge (an open outlet, for instance) would not go amiss. Like their larger inspiration, they see through a glowing receptor in their head, sometimes referred to as a "flashlight."

Canon OriginEdit

The geth are a race of artificially created but fully sapient artificial intelligences inhabiting synthetic bodies, but they only remain sapient when the minds of many individual geth are networked together. One group, the "heretic" geth, are allied with the villains of Mass Effect, the Reapers. The Geth Colossus is the largest ground troop in the heretic geth army.

The Geth Colossi wield Siege Pulse cannons and mass accelerator machine guns. They can regenerate their kinetic shields as well, making them very difficult to defeat in-game.


Character MinisEdit

  • Andeson
  • Anersin
  • Archangle
  • engineer Adam
  • Ilusive Man
  • Jocker
  • Joke (adopted by Agent Cyba Zero)
  • Joking
  • Kaiden
  • Kaddin
  • Kee'lah
  • Kelley
  • Nihlis
  • Matriach
  • Rocks (adopted by IsaacTraver)
  • Urdent Rocks (adopted by Ivan the Not-so-Terrible)
  • Sheperd
  • Commander Shepherd (adopted by Agent Laura Dukes)
  • Tim

Group MinisEdit

  • Geths
  • Gets
  • kragon
  • Salarain
  • turin
  • verran

Location MinisEdit

  • Citidal (wears a Citi-Bank logo)
  • Sawvrin
  • Virmire

Title MinisEdit

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