Minis from the Super Mario universe are mini-Goombas. They have mushroom-shaped bodies, with a dark brown head and a tan stalk sprouting legs.

Canon OriginEdit

Goombas are a race of sentient fungus. They originally lived in the Mushroom Kingdom, but defected from Princess Peach's rule and threw their lot in with Bowser. Some colonies of non-hostile Goombas still exist, however.

Goombas are typically the weakest soldiers in Bowser's army. They walk straight towards their foe, hoping to trip the enemy with their large feet to injure them. They can be defeated by jumping on their heads and squishing them; Luigi and Mario happen to be very good at jumping. Goombas can sometimes use items to power themselves up. There is also a giant variety that takes multiple jumps to stomp on properly.


  • bowser
  • mareo
  • mario
  • Musgroom Kingdom
  • Mushroom Kinkdom
  • Musroom Kingdom
  • peach
  • taodsworth
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