Minis from the Magic: The Gathering continuum manifest as mini-atogs. Mini-atogs go up to the knee in their unfed form, but can grow to at least waist height by eating. Each one eats a particular substance, usually whatever is least convenient. They don't speak, but emit purr-like thrumming sounds.

Canon OriginEdit

Atogs are short creatures that look somewhat like frogs or lizards, but possess a humanoid shape. They come in a variety of colors and live on numerous planes throughout MTG's multiverse.

They have wide mouths, lots of teeth, and voracious appetites. They are mostly scavengers, typically consuming one or two atypical substances. (The word "atog" is an anagram of "goat," since the first atog card ate metal.) Consuming their special diet allows an atog to grow powerful quickly, but only temporarily.

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Since diet is a defining trait for an atog, it's listed alongside the mini's name.

Prince of ThrallsEdit

  • Prince of Thrulls: corpse parts

Garruk WildspeakerEdit

  • Garrus: trees (?)

Jace BelerenEdit

  • Beleran: stray thoughts
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