Minis from M*A*S*H fics are mini-P.A. systems. They are a set of loudspeakers on a short pole, are somehow capable of walking around, and feed by plugging themselves into electrical sockets. They are known to make a mechanical squealing sound; it is currently unknown if they can speak as well. Marcus Langston owns the only currently known mini-P.A.s.

Canon OriginEdit

The 4077th M*A*S*H's P.A. system is used to provide the camp's staff with announcements, most frequently alerts that helicopters are bringing wounded for surgery. The two characters who most frequently operate the loudspeakers are never seen on screen, though one sounds like Radar. Many announcements are delivered in satirical or ironic terms, complaining about conditions in the camp or denouncing the war.


  • Chaplin (adopted by Agent Marcus Langston)
  • Mulchady (adopted by Marcus)
  • Corneal (adopted by Marcus)
  • Coronal (adopted by Marcus)
  • Potters (adopted by Marcus)
  • Sill (adopted by Marcus)
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