'The Brick' is the affectionate name 'Mizzies' (fans of Les Misérables) have taken to using in reference to the book. This is primarily due to the fact that it is roughly the shape, size, and heft of a fairly well-crafted brick and, in some editions, about the same colour.
—FAQ answer on UDÉM's LiveJournal

The minis of Les Misérables are mini-Bricks.

Mini-Bricks are mobile, speech-capable books. They walk on somewhere between dozens and hundreds of tiny legs. Their mouths are filled with many pointy little teeth. It's apparently not possible to actually read a mini-Brick like a book, as they "are internally composed entirely of unidentifiable miasma." A mini-Brick tends have a personality and speech pattern similar to that of its namesake. It also has the misspelled name that created it printed on its back or "face." Certain characters' minis may have visual cues relating to their namesake, such as the sideburns on Inspector Javert's mini-Bricks, and the wings on the backs of Jean Prouvaire and Combeferre minis.

After creation, mini-Bricks arrive at L'Université des Écrivains Misérables, where they are collected and trained by Miss Pelly for defensive purposes. Each canon character also keeps a mini-Brick nearby at all times to dissuade glomping fans. Of particular note is Enjorlas, a mini of Enjolras which has managed to sneak into several official printings of Les Misérables, and as a result, has become well-known even outside of the PPC and OFU communities.


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