The minis of the Left 4 Dead continuum are mini-Tanks, which, true to their name, look like smaller versions of the Tank Special Infected. They stand about one and a half feet tall at the shoulder and subsist on a diet of raw meat, which they will tenderize with their own fists. Mini-Tanks lack the blind rage and lethal punch force of their larger counterparts, so they will not attack their owners (apart from in a playful 'knock you down and pound on your chest' sort of way).

Canon OriginEdit

The Tank is one of the most powerful types of Infected, appearing in both Left 4 Dead games. They are huge, hulking things, barely resembling humans anymore due to the size of the muscles in their arms and upper torso.

Upon seeing an uninfected human, a Tank will immediately charge while entering a rage. It will smash through anything in its way to reach them, including other Infected, frequently smashing cars and other obstacles into the players. A Tank's powerful arms can quickly and violently beat a living human to death. A Tank will actually die from exhaustion and frustration if unable to destroy its targets. Due to the sheer mass of the Tank's body, gunfire and explosions will barely harm them; it typically takes a team of survivors dealing damage over time to defeat one. The most effective strategy to defeat a Tank is setting it on fire, but even that takes time.


  • Fransis
  • Franciz
  • Luis
  • Wich (adopted by Agent Laura Dukes)
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