The minis of Labyrinth are Roaming Helping Hands. They are floating swarms of disembodied hands the color of bluish stone. They can operate as regular hands, but can also communicate by grouping together and creating a face-like shape, complete with moving mouth and eyes. An RHH is composed of more or less hands based on how frequent is the misspelling that produced it.

Roaming Helping Hands serve as security at the Labyrinth Academy, where they delight in dragging fangirls off to oubliettes or the Bog of Eternal Stench. They are notoriously difficult to control, only listening to Mr. Smith, the Head of Security.

Canon OriginEdit

At one point during her journey through the Labyrinth, Sarah Williams falls through a hole in the floor into a shaft. The walls of the tunnel are lined with hands "growing" out of the stone. The hands arrest her fall, then speak by forming faces: "Up, or down?" Unfortunately, Sarah chooses "down," and is dropped the rest of the way down the chute and into an oubliette.


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